Dancer/Choreographer based in Los Angeles


MAHO UDO, 有働真帆


Choreography by

: Maho Udo & Misha Gabriel

misha_maho 2017 001.JPGIf I Ever Fall In Lovemisha_maho 2016 11.JPG Michael Jackson - Heartbreaker -

: Felix "FeFe" Burgos

No Filter- Chris Brown.JPGNo Filter- Chris Brown.JPGNo Filter- Chris Brown | Choreographed by - Felix "FeFe" Burgossensei.JPG Sensei | FeFe Burgos

: Devon Rerri

bangbang.jpgbangbang.jpg Will.I.Am - "Bang Bang" Choreography by Devon Perribodycount.jpgbodycount.jpgJustin Timberlake - " Body Count" - Devon Perri Choreography

: Misha Gabriel

Misha Gabriel Choreo - Latch ( remix ).JPGMisha Gabriel Choreo - Latch ( remix ).JPGMisha Gabriel Choreo - Latch ( remix )mg_downtheroad.jpgmg_downtheroad.jpg Misha Gabriel - "Down the road"mg_mv.jpgmg_mv.jpgMisha Gabriel - "Nobody's Business"

: Jared Grimes

Nobody.jpgNobody.jpgJared Grimes Choregraphy "Nobody" by Ne-yoMan Of The House.jpgMan Of The House.jpgJared Grimes Choreography "Man Of The House" by Fantasiamaho_16.jpgmaho_16.jpgJared Grimes ChoreographyJared-Grimes-Choreo-12.jpgJared-Grimes-Choreo-12.jpgJared Grimes Choreo to Dirty Money-Strobe LightsJared Grimes Choreo to Brandy-I Thought.jpgJared Grimes Choreo to Brandy-I Thought.jpgJared Grimes Choreo to Brandy-I Thought

: Maho Udo


maho_toshi201509_JB.JPGmaho_toshi201509_JB.JPGTOSHI DAVIDSON & MAHO UDO CHOREOGRAPHY | JUSTIN BIEBER - WHAT DO YOU MEAN?studio68class.JPGstudio68class.JPGMaho Udo Class (She Came To Give It To You)ws2014en.jpgws2014en.jpgGimme what i don't know / Justin Timberlakesolo.jpgsolo.jpgMaho Udo solo performance at Broadway Underground "the REMIX"0530.jpg0530.jpgMaho Udo Freestyle solo @ Broadway Underground "the Remix"
maho_freestyle_01.jpgmaho_freestyle_01.jpgMAHO Free style 2009 w/ Chemical Brothersmaho_music_by_02.jpgmaho_music_by_02.jpgMAHO 2009 music by Art of Noise

Doppelganger_2ss.jpgDoppelganger_2ss.jpgThe Doppelganger / Maho & Kensuke Choreographed by MAHO


Movie.png - Off The Record

wiggle_otr.jpgwiggle_otr.jpgJason Derulo Performs 'Wiggle' (feat. Snoop Dogg) trumpets_otr.jpgtrumpets_otr.jpgJason Derulo Performs 'Trumpets'talkdirty_otr.jpgtalkdirty_otr.jpg Jason Derulo Performs 'Talk Dirty' ft 2 Chainz Live

Movie.png - Jingle Bell Ball 2013

jbb1.PNGjbb1.PNGJason Derulo - Talk Dirty (Jingle Bell Ball 2013)jbb2.PNGjbb2.PNGJason Derulo - Trumpets (Jingle Bell Ball 2013)jbb4.PNGjbb4.PNGJason Derulo - The Other Side (Jingle Bell Ball 2013)jbb3.PNGjbb3.PNG Jason Derulo - Whatcha Say (Jingle Bell Ball 2013)



allido.jpgallido.jpgStevie Wonder "All I do" by AmountBoyzamountboyz_2.jpgamountboyz_2.jpgChris Brown "Beautiful People" dance by AmountBoyzamountboyz_1.jpgamountboyz_1.jpgAmountBoyz Run the Night (B.B.KIng)am_streeking.jpgam_streeking.jpgAmountBoyz Hip Hop Dance Promo StreetKing

Award Shows


chrisbrown_iHeartradio2016.JPGCHRIS BROWN - iHeartRADIO Music Awards 2016TCA2014.jpgTCA2014.jpgJASON DERULO - Wiggle & Talk Dirty - Teen Choice Awards 2014BMA_JDerulo2014.jpgBMA_JDerulo2014.jpg JASON DERULO - Billboard Music Awards ft. Justin Bieber 'That Power' Billboard Music Awards 2013AMA_PSY2012.jpgAMA_PSY2012.jpgGangnam Style - PSY ft. MC Hammer - American Music Awards 2012



Skechers2.JPGMeghan Trainor for Skechers Originals commercialdancefight_v60.jpgdancefight_v60.jpgHomeStreet Bank "Dance Fight" Super Bowl Commercial 60shomestreetbank_cm.jpghomestreetbank_cm.jpgHomeStreet Bank "Dance Fight" Super Bowl Commercial 30suna_juicyjuicy.jpguna_juicyjuicy.jpgThe Mentos® teaser short movie for "JUICY JUICY"making-_jucyjucy.jpgmaking-_jucyjucy.jpgThe Making of "Mentos®Duo Soda Assort" CM
jsda2012_1.jpgjsda2012_1.jpgJSDA Dance CUP - 2012 TV CMjsda2012_2.jpgjsda2012_2.jpgJapan Street Dance Association TV CMwellsfargo2.jpgwellsfargo2.jpgWells Fargo Flash Mob -Times Squares2Optimum_Triple_Play_cm.jpgOptimum Triple Play - "Adventure"

Music Video

Movie.png - Official video

newromantics_mv.JPGTaylor Swift "New Romantics" official music videomakemelikeyou.JPGmakemelikeyou.JPGGwen Stefani "Make Me Like You" official music videotrumpets.jpgtrumpets.jpgJason Derulo "Trumpets" official music videotalkdirty.jpgJason Derulo "Trumpets" official music videowigglewigglewiggle.jpgwigglewigglewiggle.jpgJason Derulo "WiggleWiggleWiggle" official Pre-video
celeb_dvd.jpgMadonna "CELEBRATION" official music videoshakeitup.jpgshakeitup.jpgContagious Love from "Shake It Up: I ♥ Dance" official music videoluara_mv.jpgluara_mv.jpgLUARA - "FIRE IN ME" official music videocerrone.jpgcerrone.jpgCerrone (feat. Adjana)- Good Times I'm In Love official music videoJussie_Smollett.jpgJussie_Smollett.jpgJussie Smollett ft. Waterz "Get Em Up" official music video
derin_togar_dokun.jpgderin_togar_dokun.jpgDerin Togar "Dokun" official music video

Movie.png - Behind The Scenes

Behind the Scenes with Meghan Trainor for Skechers.PNGBehind the Scenes with Meghan Trainor for Skechers.PNGBehind the Scenes with Meghan Trainor for Skechersmaking_gwensyefani.JPGmaking_gwensyefani.JPGBehind the Scenes of Gwen Stefani's Live Commercial!trumpets_bs.jpgtrumpets_bs.jpgJason Derulo "Trumpets" Music Video Behind The Scenesrehearses_DWTS.jpgrehearses_DWTS.jpgJason Derulo Rehearses For Dancing With The Stars 2013soundcheck.jpgsoundcheck.jpgwith Jason Derulo's Choreographer
luarap2.jpgluarap2.jpgMaking of "LUARA - FIRE IN ME" music videoluara_bs.jpgluara_bs.jpgLUARA Rehearses For FIRE IN ME music video